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Driving Towards Safer Roads

15-Jul-2021 By: Admin
Driving Towards Safer Roads

If you own a business or are engaged in one that uses trucks to transport goods over long distances, you know you’ve lost count of the number of times the safety of your driver and truck have kept you up at night. Every time your phone rings in the middle of the night or in the middle of a meeting, you silently wish and hope everything will be alright, that nothing goes wrong.

When it involves life, leaving things to fate is simply unacceptable at BharatBenz. The new Driver State Monitoring System (DSM) offered in BharatBenz trucks in India is one of the technological advancements developed to not leave things to fate. Using highly sensitive receptors, the technology aims to help prevent road traffic crashes related to driver drowsiness or inattentiveness, thereby driving the world towards safer roads. 

Better Safe Than Sorry

Data reveals that 10% of the total road accidents around the world happens in India. 1 out of 4 of them are directly linked to a truck. Long sleepless drives from one station to another, the speeds at which the truck is driven to reach the driver’s long-awaited house, or even the beautiful landscapes in India that capture the bored driver, all lead to ugly fates. Fates which could be averted by employing the right technologies to safeguard our roads.

Safer Trucks... Safer Roads...

Recognizing the need for safer trucking experiences, BharathBenz in partnership with Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz Ltd has brought to the forefront the technology needed to combat inattentiveness in drivers. This one simple and cost-effective solution can save innumerable priceless lives.

Next Gen Safety

Using Machine learning, the team has developed an algorithm to work with highly effective receptors to sense the driver’s efficiency in driving by analysing his facial features, especially his eyes. Changes in the driver’s efficiency alerts the system who then alerts the driver. This helps the driver stay alert while at the wheel.

BharatBenz aims to contribute towards reducing the rate of fatal accidents in India by making it standard for all premium heavy-duty trucks in its segment to come with DSM. It is also available for order on other heavy-duty models and as an aftersales solution for existing heavy-duty customer vehicles.