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Why InhouseInsurance?
The cost to you for any type of accident repair is only Rs 2500/-. That’s our specialty.  BharatBenz Insurance from Autobahn has its own benefits. A truly extensive range of advantages in case of an unfortunate events. This would in turn help you in making your business run smoothly as you don’t have to worry about force majeure situations, ever again. The fact that you get the insurance from Autobahn helps us in serving you in the best way, from the very beginning.
Benefits and Uniqueness

There are several benefits to the BharatBenz Insurance from Autobahn. In addition to assured quality and total transparency, there are a few unique factors that help you get the best results from the insurance program. All the while, we make sure that your claims and other legalities are taken care of at the best speeds and with 100% transparency.

  • NIL depreciation
  • IMT 23 parts coverage (Headlight, Fibre parts, Paint)
  • Comprehensive cover
  • Towing cost coverage up toRs 25000/-
  • Cashless facility across India
  • All parts and labour covered
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