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Our Value Proposition

Unitized Pumps

The six individual fuel injection pumps in BharatBenz Haulage Trucks ensure better combustion of fuel through fine atomized spray, thereby delivering unmatched fuel efficiency.

E-viscous Fan

The BharatBenz Haulage Trucks have a high-performance engine which can be cooled as and when required by the electronic control unit ECU with the help of the smart fan which ensures unmatched cooling efficiency.

Engine Brake

The constant throttle valve engine brake in BharatBenz Haulage Trucks not only saves the engine from overrunning, but also saves fuel while the truck runs with its exhaust brake activated.

High-Powered Engine

Based on insights into usage patterns across India, we have built in several features into our trucks that provide a class-leading performance. The BharatBenz trucks are equipped with engines designed for higher efficiency and a longer life, which also give maximum power with optimal consumption to enable you to maximize your revenues. Faster turnaround time and more trips in a year are direct results of more power.

Superior Gradeability

BharatBenz truck designs are based on meticulous research done on road-load data patterns across the country and have been tested on various terrains. The trucks come with improved gear ratios to ensure maximum operating time spent by the vehicle on the higher gears. Better gradeability enabling them to easily navigate the most hostile road conditions and climb gradients even with full load.

Longer engine oil change interval

The synchronized and longer engine oil change interval in BharatBenz Haulage trucks ensures that low vehicle maintenance at a minimal operational cost.

Lesser Grease Points in Rear Suspension

BharatBenz heavy duty trucks are designed with minimal grease points to ensure that the vehicle is always on road.

Clutch Wear Indicator

The driver friendly thicker clutch with clutch wear indicator in BharatBenz Haulage Trucks helps in preventive maintenance, ensuring trouble free running.

Thick Brake Liners

The wider brake lining coupled with engine and exhaust brake in BharatBenz Haulage Trucks ensures efficient braking and shorter braking distance.