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Autobahn Trucking!

Autobahn Trucking Corporation is one of the largest, privately-owned companies in the state of Kerala. A subsidiary of Nippon Group, Autobahn Trucking has consistently maintained its position and reputation as a leading private sector trading mainly specialized in the automotive domain. 

The company was established in 2012, partnering with Daimler India Commercial Vehicles. Since then the company has been expanding and diversifying. The Group now has a wide range of exciting activities and companies. It is a privately owned, professionally managed company. The executive management is composed of professionals with international experience in varying areas of expertise. Overall, with the company’s joint ventures and associations, Autobahn Trucking employs over 1000+ staff.

Autobahn Trucking has experienced continued success, a culture adapted from the Nippon DNA.

A large measure of this success has come from the company’s advanced, flexible management style and long-term vision. The MD’s unique vision, introducing modern business strategies, has positioned Autobahn Trucking as a leading private sector trading group in the state of Kerala and UAE.

We believe that our employees are our most valuable resource and do whatever it takes for their continuous training, development & motivation. The rewards and career advancements of our people are based on their performance & capabilities.

Throughout the evolution of Autobahn Trucking, the company has maintained an impeccable financial record. It has enjoyed long-established relationships with some of the largest financial institutions in the world and its associates.

Key facts & figures
No 1 Dealer of BharatBenz
1 in every 5 Trucks on Kerala Roads is a BharatBenz
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Committed to create an awe-inspiring Customer Experience
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Staying connected to Exceed Customer Expectations.
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Our Vision

To Provide Unmatched customer experience through innovative transport solutions

An Engaged and change loving talent, creating smiling customers

A Trusted and preferred partner

An Admired profitable global player

Our Mission

Autobahn Trucking exists to enable our customers in transportation of goods without any stress on services or breakdowns


Our Testimonials

BharatBenz is a truck that never breaks down.Thanks to Team Autobahn, now I am extremely confident about my commitments to our clients.
Mr. P.K. Jaleel
Director, Best Transport Ltd
BharatBenz 3723R truck provides better fuel economy with two side load. Thanks to Team Autobahn for helping us empowering our business.
Mr. Rashid K.A
Director, Ajmi Flour Mills (India) Pvt. Ltd.