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BharatBenz Trucks

BharatBenz trucks are produced at Daimler India Commercial Vehicles in Oragadam near Chennai. BharatBenz offers a range of ultra-modern trucks explicitly developed for the Indian market. All the models are tailored specifically to the subcontinent's market and meet a wide range of requirements in the transport and construction sectors providing commercial mobility solutions that will accelerate the progress of business in India.

Within no time at all, BharatBenz has become an aspirational brand as well as a strong contender in India's commercial vehicle industry. In the market since September 2012, the brand now offers a comprehensive truck product portfolio from 9 to 55 tonnes. The brand, developed specifically for the Indian market, is the youngest member of the Daimler Truck commercial vehicle family.

BharatBenz Truck Types

The BharatBenz trucks are classified into four types. Medium Duty Trucks, Heavy Duty Haulage, Tippers and Tractors. Tucks with different specifications and features are listed under these categories. 6-wheeler trucks, 10-wheeler trucks, 12-wheeler trucks, 14-wheeler trucks, 16-wheeler trucks and 22-wheeler trucks can be found under these categories.

BharatBenz Medium Duty Trucks

BharatBenz Heavy Duty Haulage

BharatBenz Tippers

BharatBenz Tractors

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BharatBenz Trucks: Features

Every BharatBenz truck comes with a wide variety of specifications and features. The unique features of the truck make it suitable for different applications. The important features can of BharatBenz trucks are given below.


BharatBenz trucks are ideally suited to the climatic and economic conditions in India, they are designed exclusively with all the luxuries and safety features facilitating the driver during a long-distance journey. Our Bharat Stage VI vehicles tested for over 50 lakh kilometres across India from Ladakh to Kanyakumari deliver superior performance and high durability and meet a wide range of requirements in the transport and construction sectors.

Maintenance Cost

The cheaper maintenance costs make BharatBenz trucks an excellent buy for anyone not willing to spend a lifetime fortune. Increased service intervals from 50,000kms to 60,000 km on our HDT on haulage and tractor range, we could offer our commitment to having the lowest ownership cost. This 20% increase in service intervals also comes with the added advantage of a 6% reduction in maintenance cost.

Safety & Comfort

With features focused on improving the overall driver experience, as well as fuel efficiency we never compromise on safety and comfort. Refinement of various aspects such as Driver Attention Monitoring System, Seat Belt Reminder and comfort features such as Air Suspended Seats, Soft Cruise, Industry Best Heating and Air Conditioning System, Music System, Power Windows and Central Locking make our driver partners the focal point of the vehicle.

Fuel Mileage

Over the years, our trucks have come a long way and have always stayed true to their rugged but efficient models. Incorporating many industry-first features to further enhance the vehicle’s fuel mileage our engine does most of the hard work, offering clean and lean burning. It’s proof that a truck can be both tough and have an appealing design as well as with increased fuel efficiency.


Connectivity solutions, which manage your fleet by offering insights on driving, trip stats, vehicle health and much more, make it easy to keep track of all your vehicles. Our TrucKonnect brings all this information to you at the click of a button, helping you make smarter business decisions.

BharatBenz Truck Price in India

We have choices for every customer coming to us with a different price range. With efficient and sustainable different models in the list, one can choose among different models. The BharatBenz truck price in India vary according to the different optional or different engines or different needs.


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