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10T Chassis

Specifications :

  10T/9.8-metre Chassis
Engine: 4D34i
Power: 170HP (125kW) @ 2500rpm
Torque: 520Nm @ 1500rpm
Capacity/ Displacement: 3907cc
Gearbox: M036, Synchromesh
Clutch Type: Organic, Single dry plate, 325mm
Brakes: Dual Circuit, full air S-Cam type drum
Auxiliary Brake: Exhaust brake
Electonic Brake: Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)
Front Axle: Heavy-duty reverse elliot 'I' beam
Rear Axle: Fully floating type
Suspension Type: Parabolic Suspension at front and rear
Anti roll bar & shock absorber: Double acting telescopic shock absorber and anti roll bars at front and rear
Steering Type: Power steering, adjustable and tiltable
Tyre Type: 235/75 R 17.5 tubeless tyres
System output: 24V
System output: 2x12V, 120Ah
Fuel Tank Capacity: 160L
Adblue Tank Capacity: 43L
Alternator: 1 x 28V/120A, (for AC additional 1 x 28V/80A)
Wheel base: 5800mm
Overall Length: 8566mm
Overall Height: 2036mm
Overall Width: 2199mm
Front Overhang: 1193mm
Rear Overhang: 2000mm
Max Permissible legal GVW (KGS): 10600Kg

Our Value Proposition

Unmatched fuel economy and performance

The BharatBenz 9T/9.8-metre Chassis enables you to save on fuel costs, thanks to the highly fuel-efficient engine. The engine also comes loaded with a high-pressure common rail for better fuel mixing and a viscous fan for improved fuel efficiency.

Best-in-class suspension

The parabolic supension decreases the transfer of road undulations, while the optimally tuned shock absorbers provide more ride comfort.

Unmatched Braking

Wearing of brake pads will never be a concern, thanks to the exhaust brakes. This also enables safer braking on the steep gradients. Also, with the Anti-lock braking system, the driver has easy control over the vehicle in case of an emergency stop.

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