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Our Value Proposition

E-viscous Fan

The e-viscous fan for engine cooling in BharatBenz MDTs maintains optimum engine temperature to achieve the best fuel efficiency.

Common Rail System

The common rail system in BharatBenz MDTs injects a precise quantity of fuel at a higher pressure of 1600 bar. This, in turn, enables finer atomization of fuels for better air-fuel mixing and hence delivers unmatched fuel efficiency.

Superior Gradeability

BharatBenz truck designs are based on meticulous research done on road-load data patterns across the country and have been tested on various terrains. The trucks come with improved gear ratios to ensure maximum operating time spent by the vehicle on the higher gears. Better gradeability enabling them to easily navigate the most hostile road conditions and climb gradients even with full load.

High Power Engine

Based on insights into usage patterns across India, we have built in several features into our trucks that provide a class-leading performance. The BharatBenz trucks are equipped with engines designed for higher efficiency and a longer life, which also give maximum power with optimal consumption to enable you to maximize your revenues. Faster turnaround time and more trips in a year are direct results of more power.

Matchless comfort

Power Windows

Windows that can be raised or lowered just with the press of a button.

3 Way Adjustable Seats

The expertly designed cabin ergonomics makes even long and continuous hours of driving comfortable. From adjustable seats and tiltable and telescopic steering, to practical and insightful touches like a common key for doors, steering and the fuel tank, careful thinking has gone into the making of every vehicle. The sense of spaciousness, panoramic visibility and thoughtful storage spaces all add up to a refreshingly new driving experience.

Brake and Accelerator Pedals

The cabins in BharatBenz MDTs have pendant type brake and accelerator pedals to reduce driver effort and fatigue.