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Why AMC?
An AMC, the acronym for Annual Maintenance Contract, is a tailor-made solution for ensuring the best care for your trucks, buses, commercial vehicles and other business ventures. By committing to an AMC, you can stop worrying about consistent maintenance charges while Autobahn and BharatBenz provide the best care for the vehicle. An AMC provides the same high-quality service and maintenance benefits you get when you purchase individual service from Autobahn — but for longer periods and better coverage.
Types of AMC

Autobahn understands that a single AMC is not enough for everyone. That is why we have created a variety of AMC packages that suit different customer base. According to the truck you have purchased and the care you want to provide, you can choose between these options. You can also contact us if you are looking for something more customized.


Bronze Neo
Only scheduled service
Silver Neo
Scheduled service and scheduled minor overhaul
Gold Neo
Scheduled service and wear and tear of parts
Gold Plus Neo
Powertrain + coverage of gold package
Platinum Neo
Scheduled service + all aggregates
Platinum Plus Neo
Includes suspension + coverage of platinum package
Platinum Pro Neo
Comprehensive coverage with add-ons
What Is Covered and Not Covered

It’s important to understand what is covered by an AMC package and what is not. This understanding will be helpful in choosing the right package for your needs — or in deciding whether you actually need an AMC package. At the end of the day, we believe in customers who make the right choices. Please call us for more details about this service.