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Our Value Proposition

Globally Proven Aggregates

All aggregates in BharatBenz Tippers are designed to be robust and highly durable. This ensures longer and hassle-free productive life of the vehicle and long-term peace of mind for you.

Sturdy Suspension

The heavy-duty bogie suspension in 25 & 31-tonne BharatBenz Tippers and semi-elliptical suspension in 16-tonne improve stability and load carrying ability of the vehicle, thereby ensuring that these trucks operate even in the toughest conditions.

Bigger & Thicker Gears

The BharatBenz trucks come with bigger and thicker gearboxes optimized to deliver flat torque ensuring there is no loss of time while shifting gears. These gearboxes have more gear options, high torque at wheel end and superior gradeabality.

Durable Chassis

The chassis is manufactured with high strength steel material used BSK 46, E 500 ensuring superior durability and reliability.

High-Powered Engine

Based on insights into usage patterns across India, we have built in several features into our trucks that provide a class-leading performance. The BharatBenz trucks are equipped with engines designed for higher efficiency and a longer life, which also give maximum power with optimal consumption to enable you to maximize your revenues. Faster turnaround time and more trips in a year are direct results of more power.

Superior Gradeability

BharatBenz truck designs are based on meticulous research done on road-load data patterns across the country and have been tested on various terrains. The trucks come with improved gear ratios to ensure maximum operating time spent by the vehicle on the higher gears. Better gradeability enabling them to easily navigate the most hostile road conditions and climb gradients even with full load.

Cruise Control

BharatBenz Tippers are equipped with cruise control to help the driver maintain the truck’s speed, enabling fatigueless driving.

Comfortable Cabin

The BharatBenz Tipper cabins are ergonomically designed and include 3-way adjustable seats as well as a provision for a sleeper berth.

Easy Gear shifting

The BharatBenz Tippers feature a simplified gear shift arrangement with a ball joint mechanism and double synchrocone to ensure smoother, precise gear shifting.

Reverse Camera Display

The BharatBenz Tippers are fitted with a state-of-the-art reverse camera and display screen to ensure safe resversing.

Intelligent Instrument Cluster

The BharatBenz Tippers have an intelligent instrument cluster that provides useful information like trip mileage, neutral and reverse gear indication, distance that can be covered basis the fuel in the truck, etc.

Driver State Monitoring System

An industry-first in India’s commercial vehicle segment, the Driver State Monitoring system aims to avoid dangerous situations of drivers falling asleep or otherwise being distracted at the wheel. The BharatBenz DSM system employs state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and computer vision technologies to identify facial patterns including eyes, face, head gaze, and other natural cues. Based on this, it differentiates between attentive drivers and others using acoustic and visual alert.