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BharatBenz Tippers

India's best-known commercial vehicles are BharatBenz Tippers, which transport materials from one place to another. Why is it so popular? BharatBenz is popular because of its vast and excellent range of commercial vehicles, such as tippers. Fuel efficiency and power are key features of all Bharat Benz tippers. Featuring sturdy chassis made of high-strength steel, they ensure durability and reliability. BharatBenz tippers are equipped with powerful engines that provide class-leading performance. As well as providing high power, they also consume less energy. Moreover, they come with a comfortable cabin and cruise control.

Overall, the BharatBenz tipper is a top-quality vehicle that combines durability, performance, and comfort. Its strong construction and advanced technology make it a reliable and long-lasting option for businesses needing a heavy-duty tipper. With its impressive fuel efficiency and advanced features, the BharatBenz tipper is a smart choice for anyone needing a vehicle for transporting bulk goods and materials.

BharatBenz Tipper Types

BharatBenz produces the best-in-class Heavy duty tipper trucks for off-road and on-road purposes. BharatBenz offers six different variations in Tippers that you can choose from.

BharatBenz Tipper Loading Capacity

  • BharatBenz 1923C: 10.5 Cu.m Box

  • BharatBenz 2823C: 16 Cu.m Box

  • BharatBenz 2828C: 14 Cu.m Scoop; 16 Cu.m Box, 22 Cu.m Box

  • BharatBenz 2828CH: 16 Cu.m Scoop and Box

  • BharatBenz 3528C: 19 Cu.m Box

  • BharatBenz 3528CM : 18 Cu.m Scoop; 23 Cu.m Box

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BharatBenz Tipper Features

Every BharatBenz tipper comes with a wide variety of specifications and features. The unique features of the truck make it suitable for different applications. The important features of Bharat Benz tippers are given below.

Reliability & Durability

All aggregates in Bharat Benz Tippers are designed to be robust and highly durable. This ensures a longer and hassle-free productive life on the vehicle and long-term peace of mind. The heavy-duty bogie suspension in 25 & 31-tonne BharatBenz Tippers and semi-elliptical suspension in 16-tonne improve the stability and load-carrying ability of the vehicle, thereby ensuring that these trucks operate even in the toughest conditions. The Bharat Benz tippers come with bigger and thicker gearboxes optimised to deliver flat torque, ensuring no loss of time while shifting gears. These gearboxes have more gear options, high wheel-end torque, and superior gradability.

Superior Performance

The BharatBenz trippers are equipped with engines designed for maximum performance and long life on the road. They also allow you to maximise revenue because they are engineered to give maximum power and optimal consumption. With more power, turnaround times are faster, and trips are more frequent.

There are significantly improved gear ratios on the BharatBenz trippers to ensure the maximum amount of operating time that can be spent on the higher gears by the vehicle. Enhanced stability allows them to navigate even the most hostile road conditions and climb steep gradients even when fully loaded, despite the most hostile road conditions.

Low Maintenance

BharatBenz Tipper is designed with a superior grade of materials and components that require less maintenance. The truck also has advanced technologies and systems that provide superior performance with low maintenance costs. The Bharat Benz Tipper is also equipped with a powerful engine designed for fuel efficiency and greater reliability, reducing the need for frequent maintenance. The truck also has an advanced braking system that provides longer life and reduced maintenance costs.

Safety & Comfort

BharatBenz Tippers is known for its safety and comfort. BharatBenz uses the latest technology and materials to ensure the highest standards of safety and comfort. The Bharat Benz Tippers are designed with advanced safety features such as Driver State Monitoring Device, Intelligent Instrument Cluster, Central Locking and more.

The truck's cabin is designed to provide maximum comfort and convenience to the driver, with ergonomic seating and easy gear shifting. The trucks also have advanced infotainment systems such as GPS navigation and multimedia systems.


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BharatBenz Tippers Price in India

Each customer with a different price range has a variety of options to choose from. There are various efficient and sustainable models on the list, allowing one to choose among them. The BharatBenz tipper price in India varies according to the different optional or different engines or different needs.


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