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  • Date: 19-06-2020
  • Location: All Kerala

Job Description:

  • Spray paint automobiles machines and other products
  • Balancing and layering colors
  • Clean grease and dirt in the automobile
  • Selecting and mixing colors to match the vehicle’s color
  • Sanding, filling and chiseling vehicle as part of its preparation
  • Masking areas that are not included to be painted
  • Communicate with the head officer or client about their preferred colors and design
  • Prepares paint to desired colors and consistency
  • Prepares spraying equipment such as cleaning or adjusting spray gun
  • Cleans vehicles to be painted
  • Masks glass and other appropriate areas prior to application of paint with spray gun or brush
  • Applies decals to machinery and trucks
  • Paint trailers, and other related equipment
  • Maintains stock levels of all items required for the completion of duties
  • Manages environmental hazards in the paint bay and work place.